Bob Bernstein Scholarship Fund

Bob Bernstein Scholarship Fund

The Bob Bernstein Scholarship Fund has been established to provide college and/or professional education grants for Beauty Brands associates. All associates are eligible to apply for this benefit. Beauty Brands will award scholarships up to $1,000 annually for each District.

Eligibility Guidelines:

All associates who have reached their 1st employment anniversary are eligible to apply for this benefit.

Application Instructions:

  1. Identify classes to attend.
  2. Complete the Scholarship Application form (attached below) and submit to the Scholarship Committee in care of the Education Department. A copy of the course schedule should be included.
  3. Your manager must complete a letter of recommendation to accompany your application.

If Awarded:

  1. Receive congratulatory ‘letter of award’.
  2. Upon completion of the course(s), submit proof of tuition payment, along with a copy of a satisfactory grade average (2.8 or above).
  3. Company reimbursement (if applicable) will be added to the associate’s payroll check.


  • Completed applications must be received by the Scholarship Committee by July 1.
  • Scholarships will be awarded by August 15.
  • Funding of the scholarship will occur upon completion of the approved schedule and submission of proof of tuition payment and a satisfactory grade point average (2.8 or above).
  • If a submitted schedule changes once the scholarship has been awarded, the Scholarship Committee must be notified one month in advance for re-approval in order to guarantee reimbursement.
  • Scholarship awards will not exceed the actual cost of tuition.
  • Scholarships may be awarded to several associates from each District (with a maximum of $1,000 per District).