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Was: $85.00
Now: $63.75
Why We Love It:

A classic men's shave is as easy as one-two-three. This kit contains lather, a Badger brush and soothing shave balm.

Was: $95.00
Now: $47.50
Why We Love It:

Try one of the highest-quality shaving brushes and get a luxurious shave every day. Badger hairs create rich lather.

Was: $260.00
Now: $130.00
Why We Love It:

Get a classic shave with this essential razor set. The kit includes a safety razor, razor stand and a badger brush.

Was: $55.00
Now: $27.50
Why We Love It:

Lather up a luxurious shave with this brush crafted from 100% natural badger hair. Helps soften up the toughest scruff.