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bliss poetic wax strips for face
Why We Love It:

BB tip: If you re wanting to wax just a small spot on your face, cut the strips in half. That way, nothing goes to waste.

bliss ingrown eliminator pads to go
Why We Love It:

BB guys use this between-shaving essential to banish beard and upper-arm bumps. Gentle enough to use on bikini lines, too.

bliss triple oxygen facial in a box
Why We Love It:

Satisfy your spa fix with an at-home facial kit. Included is a radiance-boosting oxygen mask, peeling pads, and moisturizer.

bliss fabulous foaming face wash
Why We Love It:

Think Chamomile only helps you get your nap on? It also provides an extra-soothing, calming effect, so skin just glows.

bliss 'fuzz' off
Why We Love It:

"Quick and easy to use! Didn't cause my skin to break out like waxing or plucking does. Very effective!" wjane, IN

bliss poetic wax strips for body
Why We Love It:

Nothing to heat up or spread out. Just place these strips over your fuzz and give em a quick tug. Instant, painless smoothness!

bliss daily detoxify facial toner
Why We Love It:

This multitasker minimizes pores while fighting skin s environmental enemies, plus it amps up the power of moisturizer.

bliss fabulous face lotion spf 15
Why We Love It:

Not only does this moisturizer protect skin from UV rays, it also has antioxidants to help skin stay young looking.

bliss clog dissolving cleansing milk
Why We Love It:

This wash cleanses skin and dissolves the grime and makeup found deep in your pores. Doubles as a five-minute mini-mask.

bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye pads
Why We Love It:

Cucumber slices have nothing on these. They infuse tired eyes with energizing, brightening oxygen. It s like instant beauty sleep!

bliss ingrown eliminating pads
Why We Love It:

Underarms or bikini lines prone to irritation? These are a smoothing saving grace. Works on beards and bumpy upper arms, too.

bliss that's incredi-'peel'!
Why We Love It:

Easily irritated skin deserves dramatic revitalization, too. These pads get the job done (without disturbing skin), brilliantly.

bliss fatgirlslim arm candy
Why We Love It:

Firm up with a potent mix of caffeine and white sapphire, and exercise your right to bare arms with this smooth operator.

bliss firm, baby, firm
Why We Love It:

Call in the reinforcements! Stem cells, peptides, and phyto-retinoids bolster fine lines and sagging skin for a fully lifted look.

bliss fabulips pout-o-matic lip perfecting device & scrub
bliss triple oxygen instant engerizing eye gel
Why We Love It:

Reasons BB loves it: it feels oh-so cool, blurs lines with soft-focus powders, and gives an instant (and addicting!) firming feeling.

bliss firm baby firm moisturizing gel-cream
bliss Multi-'Face'-Eted All-In-One Anti-Aging Clay Mask
bliss firm baby firm eye system
bliss Triple Oxygen Ex-'glow'-sion! Vitabead-Infused Moisture Cream
Why We Love It:

BB loves how this delivers intense, nourishing moisturization but a light as air texture. Bonus: It smells delicious