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Check out the latest top brand, bliss hair removal products. From microwaveable wax kits to ingrown hair eliminator pads to face and body wax strips, you are sure to find the perfect bliss hair removal products to remove stubborn, unwanted hair!
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bliss poetic wax strips for face
Why We Love It:

BB tip: If you're wanting to wax just a small spot on your face, cut the strips in half. That way, nothing goes to waste.

bliss ingrown eliminator pads to go
Why We Love It:

Underarms or bikini lines prone to irritation? These are a smoothing saving grace. Works on beards and bumpy upper arms, too.

bliss 'fuzz' off
Why We Love It:

"Quick and easy to use! Didn't cause my skin to break out like waxing or plucking does. Very effective!" wjane, IN

bliss poetic wax strips for body
Why We Love It:

Nothing to heat up or spread out. Just place these strips over your fuzz and give "em a quick tug. Instant, painless smoothness!

Why We Love It:

No fuzz, no ouch, no mess. How can BB resist? This stripless formula grabs even the shortest growth for super-easy removal.

bliss 'fuzz' off bikini hair removal cream
Why We Love It:

No pain, no gain? Not with this gentle down-there hair removal cream. Packed with shea butter and Vitamin E for sensitive types.