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Check out the latest hot roller sets from top brand, Hot Tools. From self-grip to foam to spongy to thermal and more, you are sure to find the perfect rollers & hot rollers to create beautiful curls!
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Hot Tools Self-Grip 1-3/4
Hot Tools Thick Spongy Rollers
Hot Tools Self Holding Rollers
Hot Tools Self-Grip 2
Was: $39.98
Now: $29.99
Why We Love It:

Great for travel"or to keep in the car or office for quick touch-ups"these heat up in 60 seconds for hot, sexy curls.

Hot Tools Thermal 1-1/4
Hot Tools Thermal 1-1/2
Hot Tools Thermal 2-1/4
Hot Tools Thin Spongy Rod Rollers
Hot Tools Thermal 1-3/4
Hot Tools Assorted Thermal Ceramic Rollers
Hot Tools Self-Grip 1-1/8
Hot Tools Soft Touch Rollers
Conair Infinity Pro Secret Curl
Why We Love It:

Get gorgeous, long-lasting curls fast with this hot roller set that features two sizes for both small and medium curls.