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CHI 44 Iron Guard Travel Size
CHI 44 Iron Guard Travel Size CHI 44 Iron Guard Travel Size Hairspray, Mini Texturizing CHI Hairspray, Travel Size CHI Hairspray Travel Size Thermal Hair Sprays, CHI 44 Iron Guard Spray, Mini CHI Hair Products & Salon Heat Protection for Hair Pick up CHI 44 Iron Guard Travel Size hair spray if you seek a portable salon hair product that allows you to create multiple textures with outstanding style memory. Our miniature CHI hair spray is easy to carry for making those quick touch ups on the fly.

Select CHI hair spray to build hair strength and resilience.

Include CHI hair spray, available at beauty brands, as part of every day styling essentials. Apply this heat protection for hair when you need a weightless formula that works well with hot tools. As a flat iron spray it locks in moisture to prevent hair from drying out. Combine with other professional CHI hair products for achieving brilliant styles for work and play.
CHI 44 Iron Guard Travel Size & Thermal Hair Spray

CHI 44 Iron Guard Travel Size, CHI Hair Spray, Salon Hair Product & Hair Styling Products

Use CHI hair spray for styling all hair types to add texture without the residue. Spritz on this heat protection for hair, available at beauty brands, when using blow dryers or as a flat iron spray for straighteners.

Keep CHI hair spray handy for all your styling needs. Use this heat protection for hair as the ideal flat iron spray to prevent heat damage.

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