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Check out the latest ABBA shampoos from color protection to moisture to volume to basic to gentle and more. ABBA shampoos are infused with natural ingredients to strengthen protect and restore, giving you healthy and beautiful hair!

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Abba Color Protection Shampoo
Was: $16.99 - $33.99
Now: $14.99 - $16.99
Why We Love It:

"I love the smell and feel. It immediately wakes me up, always leaves my hair soft, and holds my color longer." Vicky, MO

Abba Moisture Shampoo
Why We Love It:

Your brittle hair and dry scalp will be so 15 minutes ago with this shampoo that cleanses hair while restoring moisture.

Abba Volume Shampoo
Why We Love It:

Transform fine, limp hair without chemicals. This natural shampoo uses quinoa, barley, and soy protein to boost volume.

Abba Gentle Shampoo
$16.99 - $33.99
Why We Love It:

This mild shampoo gets raves from people with sensitive scalps. It calms irritated skin and helps repair damaged hair.

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