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Check out the latest AG Smooth haircare products. From Smooth shampoo to Sleek conditioner to The Oil, you are sure to find the perfect AG Smooth haircare products to help smooth and calm coarse, kinky hair!

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AG The Oil
Why We Love It:

"If you want hair as silky and shiny as a Sahara night sky, this is your product. I love this! And the smell is pure exotic!" Soonhachick, OK

AG Firewall
Why We Love It:

BB recommends this smoothing spray for flat iron users. It prevents breakage, controls flyaways and adds high shine.

AG Set it Straight
Why We Love It:

This argan oil-infused straightening lotion conquers waves, frizz and humidity, leaving hair sleek, smooth and soft.

AG Smoooth Shampoo
Why We Love It:

It smoothes frizzy hair with a super-rich, nourishing lather. And it's free of sulfates and salt.

AG Frizzproof
Why We Love It:

BBers get total frizz protection in any weather. This long-lasting spray also delivers smoothness, softness and shine.

AG Sleeek Conditioner
$21.99 - $54.99
Why We Love It:

BB recommends this luxurious moisturizing conditioner for coarse, kinky hair. Gives you super smooth, sleek, soft hair.

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