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Gena Adios Polish Remover
$2.49 - $4.49
Why We Love It:

"Works great on stubborn glitter polishes. Don't need a gas mask to take off nail polish either! I LOVE this product!" Jen G., MO

Gena Feet-to-Go Pedicure Product Kit
Why We Love It:

BB's must-have DIY kit! Use between salon visits to pamper tired feet and give toes that freshly pedicured look.

Gena Polish Thinner
Why We Love It:

BB trick: Use to thin out shatter nail polish without ruining results or revive older, thickened formulas so they work like new.

Gena Pedi Care Sloughing Lotion
Why We Love It:

Sink your feet into a bath of silky hydration with a nonabrasive pedi lotion designed to soothe away dry skin.

Gena Hoof Lacquer
Why We Love It:

This fast-drying top coat makes polish last so long, manicurists want to keep it a secret. It also adds amazing shine.

Gena Pedi Soak Foot Bath Gel
Why We Love It:

"My husband uses it, too"his feet are a mess. This makes a huge difference in the softness and appearance of his feet." Nan, CO

Gena Pedi Cure Foot Treatment Creme
Why We Love It:

This healing foot lotion's cooling effect will make you want to use it daily (which is encouraged). It makes toes smell heavenly, too!

Gena Pedi Scrub Exfoliating Gel
Why We Love It:

Tiny granules go to town on calluses, revealing baby-soft heels after every weekly application. BB girls use it as body scrub, too!

Gena Pedi Mask Moisturizing Mask
Why We Love It:

Whether it's during a DIY spa day or after a long run, this feet-refreshing treatment gives sweet relief to dry skin and sore muscles.

Gena Tea Tree Oil
Why We Love It:

Whether you're a manicure junkie or a polish virgin, this tea-tree-oil-infused formula will banish dry, ragged cuticles.

Gena Healthy Hoof Creme
Why We Love It:

It softens hooves, and this rich cream will also condition and strengthen even the toughest nails and roughest cuticles.

Gena Pedi Warm Scrub
Why We Love It:

Like a spa treatment, this scrub gives feet a warming sensation while removing dead skin and leaving them silky smooth.

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