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Check out the latest KMS Add Volume haircare products that instantly enhance volume and provide body and fullness to hair. From shampoo to root lift to styling foam and more, you are sure to find the perfect KMS Add Volume haircare products!

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KMS Add Volume Styling Foam
Why We Love It:

Big party hair starts with a dollop of this. It lifts roots up and maxes out volume all around for a coif that's 70% fuller-looking.

KMS Add Volume Root and Body Lift
Why We Love It:

The BB team test-drove the claim: "70% more volume instantly" and it works. Builds all-over body plus targeted lift where you need it.

KMS Add Volume Shampoo
KMS Add Volume Body Build Detangler
Why We Love It:

Want more volume? How about 40% more? This weightless leave-in nearly doubles the fullness, plus detangles and adds insane shine.

KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray
Why We Love It:

"I don't have an hour to get ready, but I want to look like I do. This gives me a serious confidence boost." Momma on a Mission, KS

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