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Check out the latest KMS Color Vitality haircare products that protect the life of color treated hair and restore radiance! From shampoo & conditioner to leave-in to blonde treatment and more, you are sure to find the perfect KMS Color Vitality products!

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KMS Color Vitality Color Protection Shampoo
Why We Love It:

Color that lasts 3 times longer sounds too good to be true, but that's exactly what this shampoo does. Use it to seal that color in!

KMS Color Vitality Color Protection Conditioner
Why We Love It:

"After a couple of weeks of using this, my hair still has the bright color that I'm going for." Lauren the Makeup Junky, KS

KMS Color Vitality Blonde Repair Conditioner
Why We Love It:

Blonde strands don't have to feel dry. This reparative conditioner moisturizes brittle, blonde locks while maintaining vibrancy.

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