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Check out the latest nail base coats from top brands like Seche, CND, China Glaze, and more! Base coats help strengthen your nails while setting the perfect foundation for nail lacquers and polish!

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CND Stickey
Why We Love It:

"I started using this after a high-end spa used it as my pedicure base coat. My toenail polish lasted FOREVER. Love it!" KDM, TX

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Why We Love It:

This mani must-have builds the perfect foundation for a long-lasting polish job. Plus, it prevents nails from staining.

OPI Start To Finish - Original
Why We Love It:

It's a dream product for DIY manicurists. Layer it on as a base coat, topcoat, and strengthener (and enjoy less bottle clutter).

Seche Base Coat
Why We Love It:

"Great product! With Seche products, my polish lasts more than a week and still looks great! Love it!" Imsteiln, MO

Seche Crystal Clear Base Coat
Why We Love It:

"This gives me long-lasting manicures just as good as a professional salon's. Dries quickly, provides a great shine." Jm, CO

OPI Start To Finish - Formaldehyde-Free
Why We Love It:

Formula works as a base coat and topcoat and has two big bonuses: It's formaldehyde-free and has major nail-strengthening benefits.

OPI Chip Skip Manicure Prep Coat
Why We Love It:

The key to making your home manicure last as long as a salon version? Applying this base first, which prevents chipping.

OPI Gel Break Serum Base Coat
Why We Love It:

This miracle in a bottle revives nails that have been damaged by a gel manicure.

OPI Infinite Shine ProStay Primer
Why We Love It:

This new and improved formula gives us a gorgeous manicure that lasts up to 11 days!

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