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AG Conditioning Mist
AG Conditioning Mist AG Conditioning Mist Use AG salon hair conditioner in combination with other AG hair products if your hair needs a little pick-me-up during the day. Spray this leave in hair conditioner on to nourish strands with herbal extracts.

Soften tresses with AG salon hair conditioner.

With AG salon hair conditioner from beauty brands, deeply condition brittle tresses. This leave in hair conditioner restores elasticity, so your strands become more resistant to future damage. This and other AG hair products work wonders for all types of hair, regardless of length or age. Salon hair care products like this AG Conditioning Mist don't leave behind any buildup.
AG Conditioning Mist & AG Salon Hair Conditioner

Leave In Hair Conditioner, Hair Detangler, AG Hair Products & Salon Hair Care Products

Using this AG salon hair conditioner from beauty brands means saying "goodbye" to dull strands. Spray this leave in conditioner on your mane to leave it feeling soft and looking radiant.

Apply AG salon hair conditioner to detangle rebellious locks. Thanks to this leave in hair conditioner, your hair gets its elasticity back.

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14289 AG Conditioning Mist $11.99 - $24.99

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