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AG Control
AG Control AG Control Scalp Treatment & AG Salon Shampoo Salon AG Shampoo, Professional Scalp Treatment & AG Dandruff Shampoo Forget about dandruff with AG professional shampoo. Use this salon dandruff shampoo and other professional hair care products to keep locks moisturized.

Remove dandruff with AG professional shampoo.

You'll love this AG professional shampoo for the fact that it contains double the active ingredients that work against dandruff. This salon dandruff shampoo from beauty brands rids you of the itchy feeling that drives you insane. Use professional hair care products like this AG Control to keep your hair and scalp healthy. AG salon hair products such as this one also moisturize strands.
AG Control Shampoo & Salon Dandruff Shampoo

AG Professional Hair Care Products, AG Salon Hair Products & Moisturizing Shampoo

Benefits of this AG professional shampoo include double the amount of active ingredients other dandruff shampoos have. Using this salon dandruff shampoo from beauty brands means never dealing with scalp that's itchy or dry again.

Be dandruff-free with AG professional shampoo. Wash with this salon dandruff shampoo to get healthy-looking locks.

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14290 AG Control $23.99

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