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AG High & Dry
AG High & Dry AG High & Dry Hairspray & Salon Volumizing Hair Spray AG Salon Hairspray, Professional Volumizing Hair Spray & AG Finishing Spray Select AG High & Dry hairspray for a super dry styling. Use this AG professional hairspray as an essential volumizing hair spray that delivers the ideal matte finish.

Add lift with AG High & Dry hairspray and show off an impressive hairstyle.

Encourage healthy hair with AG High & Dry hairspray, every time you style. Use this AG professional hair spray, available at beauty brands, for its ginseng and ginger extract. It’s a volumizing hair spray that gently nourishes hair. As a finishing spray it also delivers a refined finish.
AG High & Dry Hairspray, AG Salon Hairspray

Volumizing Hair Spray, Finishing Hair Spray, AG Salon Hair Products & Professional AG Hairspray

Choose AG High & Dry hairspray to keep your hairstyle lasting longer. This AG professional hairspray, available at beauty brands, is the perfect volumizing hair spray for maximum hold at all your social events.

Rely on AG High & Dry hairspray for every occasion. Spritz on this AG professional hairspray for casual and formal events.

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14302 AG High & Dry $23.99

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