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AG Ultramoist Conditioner
AG Ultramoist Conditioner AG Ultramoist Conditioner & Salon Hair Products AG Hair Conditioner, Professional Anti Frizz Hair Conditioner, Salon Moisturizing Hair Conditioner & Salon Hydrating Hair Products Use AG hair conditioner as a moisturizing hair conditioner for your dry strands. This liter size hair conditioner contains honey extract and amino acids, which strengthen tresses.
AG Ultramoist Conditioner & AG Professional Hair Products
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Item# 14342
AG Ultramoist Conditioner

Moisturizing Hair Conditioner, Hair Moisturizer, AG Hair Products & Liter Size Hair Conditioner

This AG hair conditioner from beauty brands instantly infuses moisture into dry strands. Leave this liter size hair conditioner in for up to 3 minutes to get lustrous locks.

Revitalize lifeless strands with AG hair conditioner. Enjoy the softening effect of its honey extract.

Awaken dry hair with AG hair conditioner.

With AG hair conditioner from beauty brands, breathe life into dull hair. Thanks to this liter size hair conditioner, your brittle locks will turn soft again. Use this moisturizing hair conditioner to make your hair supple. AG hair products like this AG Ultramoist Conditioner make it hard for you to keep your hands off your smooth tresses.

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