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Bliss Body Scrub & Body Wash

Bliss Fatgirl Slim, Bath Soap, Salt & Sugar Scrubs

For bliss bath and body formulas to deeply cleanse, nourish and hydrate your skin from head to toe, check out our collection of innovative bliss formulas at beauty brands. We have body scrub cleansers from bliss in large pump bottles for easy use in the shower, and we also carry bliss bath soap that softens and energizes your skin. Exfoliating bliss body wash delivers a fresh, spa inspired scent that men and women will love using to lather up. Apply bliss salt scrub and sugar scrub to damp skin, then scrub in circular motions until the grains have all dissolved and your skin is polished to perfection.

Moisturizing bliss bath and body products exfoliate and soften your skin. These bliss body scrub cleansers deliver more bubble for your buck, too.

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Stimulating bliss bath and body formulas will make your daily shower or nighttime bath even more relaxing and enjoyable.

These bestselling bliss bath and body cleansers are mild yet highly effective products that can help transform your appearance and your state of mind. Choose bliss body scrub, bliss sugar scrub, and bliss fatgirl slim formulas to look and feel your absolute best. Add foaming body wash and other bliss bath and body cleansers into your daily skin care routine to wash away unnecessary cells and revitalize your skin. Our bliss salt scrub, bath soap and shower gel products deeply clean and condition your skin, leaving behind a delectable and fresh scent.

Best of all, bliss bath and body products are suitable for use on all skin types, from oily to dry and everything in between. Citrusy bliss body scrub whips up into a luxurious lather that simultaneously conditions and cleans from head to toe. Foaming bliss body wash formulas let you sud up and scrub down, all in one simple step. Purchase bliss salt scrub, sugar scrub, bath soap and other favorite bliss bath and body products from beauty brands, where we include 3 FREE samples with each online order.
Products 1 - 4 of 4