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Hempz Body Wash & Lotions

Hempz Products, Body Scrub, Body Butter & Moisturizers

Hempz lotions are made with natural herbal extracts to give your skin deep hydration and nourishment. Hempz body wash, and all of the Hempz products, are enriched with 100% pure and natural hemp seed oil, one of nature's richest sources of nutrients and vitamins that protect and condition the skin. Find body moisturizers, including body butter, that help improve the overall health and condition of the skin as you moisturize. Or choose body scrub to exfoliate and brighten skin for beautiful results.

Find Hempz lotions in a variety of beautiful scents like vanilla plum and cucumber jasmine, to moisturize and refresh. Hempz body wash is a great way to start the day, made to moisturize and renew skin as you cleanse. Body moisturizers are also available in body butter, made with with nourishing natural ingredients like shea butter to give you intensive hydration. Choose from body scrub, lotions and cleansers from Hempz, all available at beauty brands.

Hempz lotions are made to renew and repair skin while providing deep hydration. You'll also find Hempz body wash, body butter and a variety of other nourishing Hempz products, all enriched with pure, natural hemp seed oil.

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Hempz lotions are formulated with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling silky soft and looking beautiful.

Find Hempz lotions and a variety of other Hempz products at beauty brands, made with the finest natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate. All Hempz products, including Hempz body wash, are enriched with 100% pure, natural hemp seed oil to renew and condition your skin. With body moisturizers, lotions and cleansers, the entire Hempz line is formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You'll also find body scrub that gently polishes skin for beautiful results you'll love.

Hempz lotions include a variety of nourishing formulas and natural scents that leave your body soft, smooth and smelling great. Use with Hempz body wash to give your skin the full treatment, from cleansing to moisturizing. Body moisturizers from Hempz include body butter and lotions, all made with natural herbal extracts that offer dramatic skin hydration. You'll also find body scrub and other Hempz body products that leave you with beautifully conditioned, healthy skin.

In addition to Hempz lotions, Hempz also offers hydrating body washes in popular scents. Hempz body wash cleanses skin without stripping away natural moisture and oil, to leave you with silky soft skin. Before using Hempz body moisturizers, start with a refreshing body wash like rosemary mint, or jasmine, peach and wild rose. Use body scrub, body wash and lotion from Hempz, and treat your skin to the highest quality botanicals.

Prepare skin for Hempz lotions with Hempz body scrub, made with crushed hemp seeds to gently exfoliate skin. Hempz body wash scrub smooths over rough areas, to renew skin and get it ready for moisturizing. Follow up with body moisturizers that provide bright, healthy skin that glows. Hempz body scrub leaves skin soft, smooth and supple with natural ingredients and beautiful scents like sandalwood and apple.
Products 1 - 24 of 48