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Abba Salon Hair Styling Spray

Finishing Spray, Flexible Hold & Non Aerosol Firm Hold Hair Spray

Find Abba hair spray at beauty brands, formulated with gentle plant-based botanicals to nourish and protect your hair as you style. Abba style spray comes in firm hold hair spray and flexible hold options, to give you the long-lasting hold you need. You'll find non aerosol hairspray as well as eco friendly aerosol versions, all made with 100% vegan formulas that leave your hair healthy and looking beautiful. Choose from Abba finishing spray in a variety of holds that purify and soften hair as you style, for results you'll love.

Abba hair spray is made with pure, natural ingredients to give you gentle, effective results you love. Try Abba style spray, or any of the other great Abba hairspray formulas, to give you gorgeous, healthy style that lasts all day.

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Abba hair spray is formulated to repair and restore hair as you style.

Abba hair spray is available from beauty brands in a variety of holds for every hair type. Abba style spray is made with Abba's commitment to purity, including formulas that are 100% vegan, sulfate free and paraben free. You'll find non aerosol hairspray as well as eco friendly aerosol options, all made to provide long-lasting hold and great style all day. Abba finishing spray is a great choice for shaping and styling, with plant-based botanicals that repair and strengthen hair.

Abba hair spray provides everything from firm hold hairspray to flexible hold, with gentle but effective formulas that you'll love. Find Abba style spray for everyone, made with high quality natural ingredients like chamomile and ginseng, to help hold, soften and purify your hair. Whether you choose non aerosol hairspray or an eco friendly aerosol version, Abba has a hairspray to give you the results you need. With finishing spray and a variety of other pure, natural hair styling products, Abba hairspray leaves your hair healthy and soft as you style.
Products 1 - 3 of 3