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AG Clarifying Shampoo

Dandruff Shampoos, Dry Scalp & Deep Conditioners

Check out these AG hair care products from the AG Therapy line designed specifically to treat dandruff and dry scalp issues as well as the problems associated with over-worked and over-processed hair. Salon quality AG clarifying shampoo will keep your locks moisturized, soft and easy to manage. Apply AG deep conditioners that rebuild your intensely damaged hair, penetrating down deep to restore protein, moisture, strength and shine. Order AG dandruff shampoos, AG dry scalp conditioners and other AG Therapy hair care products right here at beauty brands, where we always provide FREE shipping on purchases over $50.

Choose AG hair care products to treat and nourish your course or damaged hair follicles. AG clarifying shampoo is rich in moisture and has a yummy mango scent.

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Therapeutic AG hair care products are specially formulated to treat issues like dandruff, dry scalp and discoloring.

Professional AG hair care products from the AG Therapy collection is formulated to treat hair that requires special attention to get healthy and strong. AG clarifying shampoo and other AG Therapy products are packed with protein to put moisture, elasticity and life back into over-processed and over-worked hair. Salon quality deep conditioners from AG contain natural, wholesome ingredients like silk, keratin and gluten-free wheat proteins to help your hair remain manageable and touchably soft. AG also offers dandruff shampoos that are mild yet highly effective, plus these powerful dandruff shampoos and dry scalp conditioners smell wonderful, too.

Peppermint AG hair care products for cleansing deeply clean your hair and revitalizes the scalp with cooling menthol and a minty scent to awaken the senses. Try AG clarifying shampoo formulas that remove excess product build up to leave your locks vibrant and rich in moisture. AG deep conditioners contain high concentrations of protein, amino acids and humectants to breathe life back into dry, coarse or intensely damaged hair. Kiwi scented dandruff shampoos from AG control irritation and flaking to keep your hair dandruff free and shiny.
Products 1 - 2 of 2