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Alterna Bamboo Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

Salon Hairspray, Hair Styling Products & Alterna Hair Products

Alterna Bamboo hair products use potent organic bamboo extract and other natural ingredients to transform locks. Lather in Alterna Bamboo shampoo for gentle cleansing that strengthens strands while imparting luxurious shine. When you use hair conditioner from the Alterna Bamboo line, you'll restore your hair's precious moisture balance and smooth out frizzies before they start. You'll love how hair styling products from Alterna Bamboo work in cleanly and dry quickly for manageable hairstyles with great hold.

You'll want Alterna Bamboo hair products when you travel for soft-textured and tangle-free tresses wherever you are in the world. Pack Alterna Bamboo shampoo and conditioner when you're vacationing, whether you're enjoying a tropical cruise or are skiing with your family during the winter holidays. You'll find Alterna Bamboo hair conditioner, shampoo and other professional hair products at the Beauty Brands salon near you. While selecting hair styling products, browse our many hair and beauty services, ranging from highlights to the hottest hair cuts.

Alterna Bamboo hair products leave hair stronger and silky smooth. You'll love how Alterna Bamboo shampoo cleanses and energizes hair with a fresh full-bodied look.

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Alterna Bamboo hair products offer breakthrough technologies, like Alterna's exclusive Color Hold Technology.

Alterna Bamboo hair products put you on the front lines of hair care with innovative formulas made with the finest natural ingredients. Salon Alterna Bamboo shampoo, conditioner, hair mousse and other hair care products start with pure organic bamboo extract, which boosts strength, moisture and volume. Look for hair conditioner and shampoo to start your Alterna Bamboo hair care routine, and then try Alterna Bamboo professional hair styling products. These salon hair styling products and other hair care products never contain sulfates, parabens or synthetic colors.

Alterna Bamboo hair products offer unique formulas on the cutting-edge of hair technology. Alterna Bamboo shampoo can fuse rich bamboo extract with organic maca root and kendi oil for a hydrating cleanser that soothes locks and smoothes frizz. For hair conditioner from the Alterna Bamboo line, consider moisturizing hair conditioner that delivers incredible shine, thanks to organic Indian gooseberry. We have hair styling products featuring Alterna's original Color Hold Technology to help keep color treated hair from fading.

You can count on Alterna Bamboo hair products for soft-to-the-touch locks with plenty of shine, day in and day out. Use Alterna Bamboo shampoo and conditioner to prepare your locks for fuss-free hairstyling for work and for relaxing weekends. With salon hair conditioner from the Alterna collection, your hair is free from tangles, and will remain moisturized even after heat styling. Professional Alterna hair styling products absorb quickly into hair without leaving locks feeling heavy or tacky, and Alterna hair styling products dry and set in no time at all.

Don't forget Alterna Bamboo hair products when you take off for an impromptu weekend getaway. With Alterna Bamboo shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products, your hair stays full of body and hydrated, whether you're in the chilly mountains or in humid Hawaii. You'll appreciate how Alterna hair conditioner prevents frizziness before its start and adds structure to unruly curls. Travel with Alterna hair styling products such as Alterna Bamboo treatment oils to deeply nourish hair and seal split ends.
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