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Free shipping on orders of $50 or more + free samples
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Professional Hair Products & Alterna Hair Styling Products

Alterna Shampoos, Hair Conditioners & Hair Spray

Alterna hair products include exclusive Alterna Caviar and Alterna Bamboo shampoos, conditioners and hair styling aids. Professional hair products with innovative formulas, these everyday essentials range from moisturizing shampoo to hair spray that acts as a barrier to humid conditions. You'll find Alterna shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and other products at our Beauty Brands salons, where trained experts can answer any questions. While selecting hair conditioners or other salon products, chat with our hairstylists about the best haircuts and hair color options for you.

You'll want Alterna hair products at home and for the gym to maintain your hair's luxurious softness and gorgeous shine after yoga classes. During vacations, take professional hair products from Alterna instead of using the harsh shampoos and conditioners at your hotel. Gentle Alterna shampoos can feature Alterna's own Color Hold technology for maximum color retention for your blonde, red, brunette or blue tresses. Alterna hair conditioners rinse out in a flash without any residue that can lead to build-up.

Alterna hair products contain exquisite formulas with clinically proven results. Alterna professional hair products range from volumizing shampoos to thermal protection hair spray.

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