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Alterna Moisturizing Shampoo & Volumizing Shampoo

Dry Shampoos, Color Care Shampoos & Alterna Hair Products

You'll find the perfect Alterna shampoo for gorgeous hair that's a breeze to manage. We have moisturizing shampoo from the Alterna Caviar line to help your locks regain that youthful, healthy shine with a botanical, high performance formula. Lather in salon volumizing shampoo from the Alterna Bamboo line to gently cleanse hair while boosting lift. Color care shampoos, these professional Altera cleansers are made with pure, sustainable ingredients, and you won't find sulfates, parabens and synthetic colors in Alterna shampoo products.

Use Alterna shampoo each day before heading to the office, and count on these salon shampoos for your weekend plans. You'll find Alterna moisturizing shampoo along with other Alterna hair products at our Beauty Brands hair salons, where trained consultants can recommend the best choices for your hair. While choosing volumizing shampoo, dry shampoos or other professional hair products, don't miss our menu of hair cuts and hair color services. Find the best color care shampoos and then make an appointment for partial highlights, lowlights or other hair or beauty options.

Alterna shampoo leaves locks stronger and shinier. Try Alterna moisturizing shampoo for a gentle cleanser providing the perfect amount of moisture.

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Alterna shampoo selections offer luxury hair cleansing made with natural ingredients like bamboo, maca root and kendi oil.

Alterna shampoo products are on the forefront of hair care with groundbreaking formulas for every type of hair, from fine, flyaway hair to damaged locks. Look for moisturizing shampoo to treat, hydrate and soften even parched tresses. Try Alterna volumizing shampoo made with organic bamboo extracts and maca root that act like a morning cup of coffee for your locks, waking them up with energizing volume. We offer professional color care shampoos that can help maintain your hair color vibrancy for up to 70 days.

With Alterna shampoo, you'll experience the industry standard for the finest luxury hair care products in the world. These moisturizing shampoo and other salon shampoo products can include Alterna's exclusive Age-Control Complex, which includes caviar extract, vitamin C and cytokines for healthier and younger-looking locks. Alterna professional volumizing shampoo is infused with rich and stimulating phyto-nutrients. You'll love how color care shampoos from Alterna use Color Hold technology for maximum color retention.

Alterna shampoo products are as mild as they are effective for gentle cleansing action that never feels harsh on your hair. Each moisturizing shampoo, volumizing shampoo and other Alterna shampoo is made without sulfates, parabens or synthetic colors. Use volumizing shampoo and other Alterna shampoo choices every day to restore moisture while protecting hair from color fade, daily stresses and future damage. You'll want color care shampoos and other Alterna hair products when you're preparing your tresses for special events, from wedding receptions to family gatherings during the holidays.

Before traveling, pack Alterna shampoo into your carry-on luggage to ensure that your hair stays strong and silky smooth when you're away from home. With an Alterna moisturizing shampoo like an Alterna Caviar shampoo, you'll quickly restore moisture, protect color and improve the way your hair performs for easier styling. Use Alterna volumizing shampoo from the Alterna Bamboo line for lift that feels feather-light and body that looks abundantly fuller. We have color care shampoos and other Alterna shampoos offering UVA/UVB protection to shield locks from sun damage.
Products 1 - 7 of 7