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Amika Sulfate Free Shampoos

Amika PH Shampoo, Gentle Shampoo & Daily Shampoos

At beauty brands, Amika shampoo is available in a variety of nourishing formulas for everyone. Amika sulfate free shampoo is formulated to gently cleanse hair while increasing manageability and adding gorgeous shine. From PH shampoo for color treated hair, to dry shampoo for days in between washes, Amika offers gentle shampoo and hair care products for everyone. Use daily shampoo from Amika to wash away impurities while repairing stressed hair.

Find Amika shampoo in an assortment of best selling formulas that work for every hair type. Amika sulfate free shampoo gently cleanses and moisturizes, leaving hair healthy and silky smooth.

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Amika shampoo helps increase manageability and shine.

Find Amika shampoo in an assortment of formulas, available at beauty brands. Amika sulfate free shampoo gently cleanses hair, leaving it shiny, healthy and clean, without the harsh additives found in many shampoos. From PH shampoo to dry shampoo, Amika hair products are formulated using only the finest ingredients to nourish and repair. Find the perfect daily shampoo for any hair type, and get started on healthy, gorgeous style.

Amika shampoo washes away impurities with a luxurious lather that rinses clean. All Amika sulfate free shampoo uses top quality natural ingredients like Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn Berry) oil, to enrich and replenish dull, tired hair. For color treated hair, Amika PH shampoo is formulated with the ideal PH for locking in color, leaving hair manageable, shiny and radiant. With daily shampoo from Amika, it's easy to repair damaged hair and achieve beautifully clean and healthy results.
Products 1 - 7 of 7