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BioSilk Therapy Dry Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

BioSilk Therapy Hairspray, Thermal Protection Spray & BioSilk Therapy Hair Products

BioSilk Therapy hair conditioner and shampoo set the stage for BioSilk hair styling products that deliver protection against the sun, wind and pollution. BioSilk Therapy hairspray with a thermal shield is the best product for damaged hair because this salon styling spray strengthens hair, repairs fragile strands, smoothes hair at the cuticles and tames flyaways. Some other best BioSilk Therapy hair products include volumizing mousses and root lifting creams featuring the BioSilk Hair Volume Complex that gives fine hair body and manageable movement. BioSilk thermal protection spray is a must-have if you frequently blow dry your hair.

BioSilk Therapy hair conditioner and other professional BioSilk hair care products harness the potent strength of silk, a natural fiber that contains 17 of the 19 amino acids found in hair. BioSilk Therapy hairspray products can also contain vitamins, herbs, texturizing salts and other ingredients found in nature. The best BioSilk hair products and styling sprays may not include parabens, gluten and sulfates. BioSilk thermal protection spray and other BioSilk hair products may be formulated with luxurious maracuja oil, a natural and soothing ingredient that's rich in vitamins A and C.

BioSilk Therapy hair conditioner is just one of the ways to seal in moisture and protect hair from environmental stressors. BioSilk Therapy hairspray controls frizz while blocking UV rays.

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