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Bliss Fatgirl Slim, Bath Soap, Salt Scrub & Sugar Scrub

Innovative bliss bath and body products, including our bath soap, salt scrub and sugar scrub cleansers, are ideal for anyone who likes to feel clean to the extreme. Popular bliss fatgirl slim treatments work great in conjunction with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and regular vigorous massages to visibly firm and improve your skin tone. Invigorating bliss body scrub cools and exfoliates, lifting away dead cells to leave the skin smooth, supple and silky. With bliss body wash and bath soap, your morning shower will be even more enjoyable, and your bath prior to bed will feel even more relaxing.

These bliss bath and body scrubs, soaps and cleansers pamper and hydrate your skin. With a bliss fatgirl slim treatment kit, you can recreate bliss' fatgirlslim spa services at home.

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Minty bliss bath and body scrubs cool and exfoliate your skin and provide a relaxing wash when you're finished with your workout.

At home bliss and body spa treatments, available at beauty brands, allow you to relax, unwind and pamper yourself with bliss' top rated skin care formulas. Choose bestselling bliss fatgirl slim products to firm your skin and improve overall skin tone. With bliss body scrub, you can soften and hydrate your skin as you wash away skin cells and other impurities. These body wash formulas from bliss leave your skin smelling delicious, too.

Innovative bliss products were formulated to help you look and feel happy and beautiful every single day. Try a bliss fatgirl slim treatment kit to get better acquainted with bliss' signature body-toning fatgirlslim spa treatment products. Lemon sage bliss body scrub and minty fresh bliss body scrub formulas gently exfoliate, yet they still are mild enough to use daily. Purchase bliss body wash, bath soap, salt scrub, sugar scrub and all of your favorite bliss bath and body products here, and we'll include 3 FREE samples with your online order.
Products 1 - 9 of 9