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Bliss Soap & Body Scrub

Bliss Firming Cream, Bliss Fatgirlsixpack & Fat Girl Sleep

With these bliss fatgirl slim products, available at beauty brands, toning and firming your skin is part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet as well as regular exercise and message. We carry bliss soap from this popular fatgirl slim line that's ideal for anyone who enjoys feeling clean to the extreme. Whether ordering firming cream or cleansers, trial size bliss fatgirl slim products let you enjoy many of the benefits of our bliss spa treatments right at home. Vibrantly scented body scrub along with our other bliss fatgirl slim formulas are clinically proven to visibly improve skin tone.

Toning bliss fatgirl slim formulas will leave your skin supple and soft. These bliss soap cleansers are suitable for all skin types and smell delectable, too.

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Paraben free bliss fatgirl slim products pamper your skin while also restoring essential moisture and hydration.

These bliss fatgirl slim products from beauty brands offer a fantastic way to become better acquainted with the popular bliss fatgirl slim line, right in the comfort of your own home. These bliss soap formulas from the fatgirl slim collection utilize peppermint and grapefruit extracts to invigorate skin. Apply bliss firming cream in conjunction with regular exercise, a healthy diet and regular vigorous massage to look and feel your absolute best. Bliss fatgirl slim body scrub feels great when used following your workout, too.

Our bliss fatgirl slim moisturizers deliver deep down moisture and absorb quickly into your skin. Exfoliating bliss soap washes away dead skin cells and also enhances the penetration of follow up bliss treatments. Besides firming cream, we carry bliss fatgirl slim sugar scrub to leave your skin soft and supple. Purchase any bliss body scrub, a bliss fatgirlsixpack or bliss fat girl sleep formulas from beauty brands, where we provide FREE shipping on any order over $50.
Products 1 - 5 of 5