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CND Manicure Lotion

CND Foot Cream & Hand Lotion

We carry CND pedicure cream at beauty brands that's loaded with minerals and vitamins to effectively safeguard your skin from cracks and dryness. You'll find CND manicure lotion, too, that is formulated with citrus and essential oils for healthy, younger looking skin. Aromatic hand lotion from CND soothes your body and your mind with its light, delicious almond fragrance. Purchase your CND foot cream, CND pedicure cream, CND manicure lotion and CND hand lotion at beauty brands, because we always include FREE shipping on orders over $50.

Wear CND pedicure cream overnight with a pair of cotton socks to restore your feet. CND manicure lotion with citrus oils helps you achieve younger looking hands.

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CND pedicure cream boasts a creamy consistency and concentrated formula that is easy to apply, plus a little bit goes a long way.

Soothing CND pedicure cream, available at beauty brands, is perfect for men and women who regularly perform their own pedicures. With CND manicure lotion, you can achieve a natural oil level and amplify the suppleness of your hands. Almond hand lotion from CND is a light but rich formula that feels great on your skin and smells delicious. Apply CND foot cream before bed and put on a pair of cotton socks for overnight restoration.

Our CND pedicure cream is rich in vitamins and minerals and protects your skin from dryness with a satin finish. Citrus CND manicure lotion is silky smooth and works to restore damaged skin, too. Popular hand lotion from our CND lines will quickly absorb into your skin, hold in moisture and prevent future water loss. Professional CND foot cream not only is great for overworked, dehydrated feet, you also can rub a little bit on your dry elbows and knuckles.
Products 1 - 9 of 9