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Women's Hair Treatments & Thinning Hair Treatments

Hair Regrowth Treatments, Keranique Professional Hair Products & Salon Hair Products

Keranique women’s hair treatments give thinning hair a boost with sprays, mists and infusions to restore manageability and shine. The thinning hair treatments include an eight-day scalp infusion program that strengthens hair fiber right at the roots. For hair regrowth treatments, Keranique offers formulas that support women’s hair growth. These salon hair products from Keranique give new life to flat, dry and dull hair.

There are Keranique women’s hair treatments to add color too, giving the appearance of more hair on your scalp. Thinning hair treatments like this are available in many colors, so you can choose what looks best with your hair. The other professional hair products range from shampoos to styling aids that help with thinning hair. These salon hair products will give you a healthy base perfect for your favorite styles.

Transform thin hair with Keranique women’s hair treatments that promote thicker-feeling locks, with moisture and shine. These thinning hair treatments strengthen your hair at the roots and protect the hair shaft from additional damage.

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For dry, thin hair, Keranique women’s hair treatments repair and restore health while protecting future growth.

Keranique women’s hair treatments for dry, thin, fine, dull or thinning hair include a color treatment that helps minimize the appearance of hair loss. Thinning hair treatments like this deliver natural, transfer-resistant color to the hair root so your hair looks denser. The hair regrowth treatments contain Minoxidil, developed to support women’s hair growth. Also look for these professional hair products in our salons, where you can make appointments for highlights, hair color and haircuts.

To strengthen hair, Keranique women’s hair treatments feature an eight-day intensive scalp infusion. The thinning hair treatments infuse your hair and scalp with nourishment to strengthen and improve your hair. Use the hair regrowth treatments to promote regrowth for healthier-looking hair. These salon hair products were specially developed for women with thinning hair.

For fine hair, Keranique women’s hair treatments include an oil mist that hydrates but doesn’t weigh hair down. This thinning hair treatment is sulfate-free and provides a protective layer on your hair. Use the misting hair regrowth treatments twice daily for optimal results. You’ll find the professional hair products also in sprays and infusions.

Keranique women's hair treatments make it easy for women with thinning hair to get a fuller and healthier look. These thinning hair treatments offer protection and nourishment for dry and damaged hair. The hair regrowth treatments with Minoxidil are clinically proven to help women regrow hair. Look to these professional hair products to give your hair the fullness and volume you’ve always wanted.
Products 1 - 5 of 5