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Volumizing NEUMA Hair Conditioners & Shampoo

NEUMA Moisturizing Shampoo, Color Safe Shampoo & Hair Conditioner for Damaged Hair

Look for the NEUMA color safe shampoo for the specific requirements of your curly, coarse, fine or damaged hair. A volumizing NEUMA hair conditioner is a multi-tasking moisturizer that leaves hair feeling thicker and fuller while adding shine. NEUMA moisturizing shampoo features a gentle everyday cleanser that can also remove build-up, pollutants and hard-water minerals that can collect on tresses. Consider NEUMA conditioner for damaged hair and a reparative NEUMA shampoo if you have weak hair that needs an extra boost of strength and breakage protection.

NEUMA color safe shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and other products can include the innovative Phyto Colour Complex to maximize your color, extend its vibrancy and promote healthier hair. Volumizing NEUMA hair conditioner creates fuller-feeling and looking hair, and we also carry volumizing NEUMA shampoos to help turn fine, flat or thin hair into hair full of lightweight body. NEUMA moisturizing shampoo can include an antioxidant formula to protect hair from sun damage and environmental pollutants. After choosing a NEUMA conditioner for damaged hair, try NEUMA hair styling products, like a volumizing mousse or defining cream that adds touchable texture.

NEUMA color safe shampoo washes out dirt and deposits without washing out color. Look for volumizing NEUMA hair conditioner and other products for fine, coarse, curly and damaged hair. 

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