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Origins Body Scrub & Moisturizing Shower Gel

Salon Body Cleansers, Gentle Bath Soap & Origins Skin Care Products

Enjoy your shower with Origins Body Wash, available at beauty brands, along with other Origins skin care products. With a refreshing body scrub, remove dead skin cells and get a crisp, clean feeling after you shower. Also use a moisturizing shower gel to soften skin while you wash, so you rinse away impurities, not precious surface oils. For baths, choose bath soap in a variety of fragrances for a soothing cleanse.

Choose Origins Body Wash for a clean, renewed feeling after your shower or bath. Use enriching body scrub to gently wash away dirt and dead skin.

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Use Origins Body Wash featuring ingredients that exfoliate and nourish skin while you shower.

With Origins Body Wash from beauty brands, every shower or bath is a head-to-toe refreshing clean. Choose a body scrub for a deeper cleanse and thoroughly and gently wash away the day’s dirt buildup. Use a moisturizing shower gel for more sensitive skin and wash with skin- nurturing ingredients. Enjoy a bath soap when you need to relax and have the time to indulge in fragrant suds and soothing lather.

Start every morning with Origins Body Wash and enjoy the uplifting fragrance and creamy lather, along with other Origins skin care products. Select body scrub for an exfoliating clean that’s also gentle, so you’re refreshed for the whole day. Use moisturizing shower gel to soften skin, so you leave the shower with a smooth, clean feeling before work. On the weekends, enjoy bath soap to lather up with a nourishing body cleanser infused with indulgent fragrances.
Products 1 - 5 of 5