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Origins CC Cream & Tinted Moisturizer

Origins Smarty Plants Facial Cream & Natural Face Moisturizer

Multifaceted Origins Smarty Plants skin care products from beauty brands protect your skin in a variety of ways. Origins CC cream is SPF 20, offering essential protection from the sun's UV rays that can cause spots and wrinkles. The facial cream is a face moisturizer as well, hydrating and giving your skin a reservoir against drying conditions. The tinted moisturizer is also a color corrector, evening out all types of skin tones, leaving you with younger-looking, smoother and more vibrant skin.

Origins Smarty Plants skin care products neutralize the damaging effects of smog and pollution. Origins CC cream also has an SPF 20 to protect from dangerous UV rays.

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Protect yourself with Origins Smarty Plants skin care products, which use natural ingredients to shield the delicate skin of your face.

Do more with Origins Smarty Plants skin care products, which provide essential protection from the damaging rays of the sun while also hydrating and revitalizing your skin. Origins CC cream from beauty brands is infused with antioxidants and made with natural and certified organic ingredients. The facial cream, which is ideal for all skin types, creates a more even and vibrant complexion. The tinted moisturizer not only protects from damaging UV rays but also harsh air pollution that prematurely ages skin.
Products 1 - 1 of 1