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Salon Hairspray & Paul Mitchell Finishing Spray

Firm Hold Hairspray, Flexible Hold Hairspray & Professional Hairspray

Paul Mitchell hairspray is the perfect finisher for styles you love. With this professional hairspray, hold in place sleek, sophisticated looks, and with other professional hairspray formulas create extra volume for updos. Paul Mitchell finishing sprays help create extra body as well as a sculpted look. Pair the flexible and firm hold hairspray with other Paul Mitchell hair styling products to create favorite looks.

We have Paul Mitchell hairspray that offers a firm hold for all-day styles for work. The firm hold hairspray keeps hair in place without any sticky residue or heavy feel. Other salon hairspray offers a flexible hold so you can change styles any time of day. Use the flexible hold Paul Mitchell finishing spray to rework hair in between work and an after-work gathering with friends. Just pop travel size flexible hold hairspray in your bag so you have it with you everywhere you go.

Style with Paul Mitchell hairspray that is the perfect finishing spray. The salon hairspray includes firm and flexible hold formulas that leave hair shining.

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With Paul Mitchell hair products, it's easy to hold hair in place for gorgeous looks all day.

Finish with Paul Mitchell hairspray to hold your gorgeous style in place. The salon hairspray includes a variety of formulas, from flexible hold that allows reworking hair mid-day to firm hold to ensure hair stays in place all day. Use Paul Mitchell finishing spray to hold updos in place and as the finishing spray for sleek, sophisticated styles. Have both firm hold hairspray and flexible hold hairspray on hand for different styles on different days.

Extra hold Paul Mitchell hairspray holds hair in place no matter the weather forecast. Use the salon hairspray to lock your look in, and continue layering for extra volume and even more hold. Paul Mitchell finishing spray formulas do it all without stickiness and without a heavy feel. With firm hold hairspray, it's easy to go all day with the same gorgeous look, from work to after work.

Flexible Hold Paul Mitchell hairspray makes it easy to change looks throughout the day. Start by using the salon hairspray to lock in a business-look for work. Then have Paul Mitchell finishing spray in travel size tucked into your purse to change looks before you go out with friends after work. Flexible hold hairspray along with other Paul Mitchell styling products will help you re-sculpt your look for an edgier style to hang out with friends.

The Paul Mitchell hairspray selection includes formulas that help protect color, too, so you have to visit the salon less for touchups. Also find salon hairspray that builds extra body for updos. And several Paul Mitchell finishing spray formulas are quick drying so you don't have to waste time in the morning to get the hold you want. Choose the right flexible and firm hold hairspray paired with Paul Mitchell hair products for the days and weeks of style ahead.
Products 1 - 17 of 17