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Pureology Hair Spray & Salon Hair Styling Products

Pureology Finishing Spray, Extra Hold Hair Spray & Hair Styling Spray

Get salon Pureology hair spray at beauty brands to set your favorite styles in place. We carry professional Pureology salon hair styling products that give you options for the type of hold you want. Try a flexible Pureology finishing spray to get movable hold that you can easily brush through. Or use Pureology extra hold hair spray to get maximum hold and strong control that lasts all day.

Professional Pureology hair sprays protect color by helping to prevent color fade. Some Pureology salon hair styling products like Pureology hair styling spray also protects hair from damaging UV rays. Try Pureology finishing sprays that offer other benefits, such as enhanced shine. And look for extra hold hair spray in a convenient travel size to take along with you to spruce up styles on the go.

Stock up on Pureology hair spray to maintain different looks. You'll find flexible hold salon hair styling products, and hair products that provide maximum control.

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Most Pureology hair sprays feature fast-drying formulas.

Set your styles with Pureology hair spray from beauty brands. We offer the best salon hair styling products Pureology has to offer, with the varying levels of hold you want. Look for professional Pureology finishing spray with flexible hold that leaves hair easy to brush through. Or try Pureology extra hold hair spray for maximum control to keep styles right in place all day.

Pureology hair sprays are color-safe, to help retain and protect your salon hue. Some of these salon hair styling products also provide full spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Look for professional Pureology finishing spray that won't dull hair, and that doesn't leave flakes or any residue behind. Many Pureology extra hold hair sprays also add radiant shine to tresses.

Keep Pureology hair spray from beauty brands on hand in both flexible and maximum hold versions. The different salon hair styling products give you options for days when you want to add a little hold to long, loose styles, or keep short, spiky, sculpted styles in place. You'll also find Pureology finishing spray in convenient travel sizes. These portable extra hold hair sprays are just right for taking along in purses, backpacks and gym bags to touch up your styles anywhere.

Salon Pureology hair spray is just one type of styling hair product we carry from the popular brand. In addition to salon hair styling products like Pureology hair styling spray, try other professional styling aids from Pureology. Before setting styles with Pureology finishing spray, use mousse, gel or pomade to shape your style. Prior to using extra hold hair spray, apply a curl extender, hydrating cream or root lifter to add to your preferred style.
Products 1 - 3 of 3