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Redken Professional Hair Spray & Finishing Spray

Texturizing Spray, Redken Volumizing Hair Spray & Salon Hair Spray

Banish frizz with Redken hairspray while ensuring you get the right amount of hold for your favorite styles. With multiple holds of Redken professional hair spray available at beauty brands, you get your pick of super-light hold that gives your hair touchable memory all the way to the heavy-duty lockdown of extra firm hold hairspray. Select from popular finishing spray types as well to boost body, volume, texture or the brilliant, healthy shine of your natural or dyed hair colors. Texturizing spray is perfect for giving straight hair the appearance of a little more thickness and helps give wavy or curly hair nice weight and bounce for optimal curl formation.

Reduce styling damage with Redken hairspray made from natural plant extracts or strength-building polymers. Many Redken professional hair spray types provide your hair with UV protection to reduce the chance of hair losing all its moisture and becoming brittle, as well as protecting against fade in colored hair. Thermal finishing spray helps reduce and prevent future damage caused by heat styling while ensuring your hair retains necessary moisture and doesn’t go frizzy on you. Try texturizing spray or volumizing hair spray as well to create and build your favorite looks while improving the elasticity and strength of hair follicles.

Lightweight Redken hair spray doesn’t leave unwanted residue while still maintaining a frizz-free environment in your locks. Use Redken professional hair spray that is dries quickly on contact to give you no-fuss, long-lasting styles.

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Spritz on Redken hair styling products such as finishing sprays and volumizing mousse to boost body all the way down at the roots for va-va-voom looks that last.

Choose Redken hairspray products from beauty brands to ensure your favorite styles look their best all day long. Use Redken professional hair spray to achieve big styles or to keep frizz at bay, even in high humidity environments. Try finishing spray or firm hold hairspray options designed specifically for your hair type whether you have super tight curls and you want to keep optimal curl formation or you have straight, fine hair that needs a little help to ban flyaways. Also available, texturizing spray and volumizing hair spray give you workable tresses for building up the look you want while making strands look thicker.

Protect hair with Redken hair spray that works double duty by not only holding your styles the way you want, but also infusing hair with moisture or extra strength. Redken professional hair spray made with natural ingredients or strength-building polymers gets down at the cuticle level to help your hair look and feel healthier. Our light hold hair spray products don’t leave your hair feeling gunked up and these salon hair sprays won’t flake later and leave unwanted white residue. Boost your look with texturizing spray or volumizing hair spray that leave your locks touchable with natural-looking height and thickness.

Redken hair spray with thermal protectants helps keep your hair looking its best even if you use damaging heat styling. Redken professional hair spray from beauty brands gives you hair a shield against curling and straightening irons as well as blow dryers. Try thermal protection hairspray to also help reduce damage and the chance of your hair drying out from over exposure to sun rays. Texturizing spray with UV protectant ingredients are ideal for color-treated hair to prevent your vibrant color from fade caused by free radicals and a large spectrum of UVA or UVB rays.

Stock up on Redken hairspray for use every day as well as convenient travel size bottles so your look is always at its best no matter where you are. Your favorite Redken professional hair spray includes low hold that gives you plenty of natural movement and bounce, leaving your locks super touchable and able to run your fingers through. High-hold finishing spray gives you a flash freeze option when trying to achieve specific, highly sculpted styles and to re-touch later in the day if you want it. Texturizing spray adds extra manageability while you create your favorite hairdos while volumizing hair spray boosts the body of your hair while imparting brilliant shine.
Products 1 - 8 of 8