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Redken Professional Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

Redken Hair Treatment, Professional Hair Paste, Salon Mousse & Hair Gel

Treat your locks to Redken hair care products from beauty brands, where we have products made specifically for bleached or dyed hair. Redken professional shampoo for colored hair helps undo damage caused by salon visits for full color or just root or end touchups can cause. Use matching hair conditioner from Redken to shield each hair strand from becoming brittle and easily snap. Deeply nourish with Redken hair treatments such as hair masks that target damaged areas of dyed hair to revitalize and retain moisture for stronger, more elastic follicles that resist breakage.

Dyed hair deserves Redken hair care products to improve the overall health, resulting in boosted shine and touchable softness. Work in Redken professional shampoo to improve hair at the roots and to gently wash away excess oils while helping balance proper moisture levels. Shampoo and hair conditioner work together so you don’t have to worry about unwanted color fade or brassy colors in blonde-tinted hair. Finish your look with Redken hair treatment products such as salon mousse or hair sprays that also help improve the health of your colored hair by thickening damaged strands to reduce flyaways and frizz.

Maintain colored hair with Redken hair care products designed to caress damaged locks with intense hydration. Balance pH with Redken professional shampoo while gently detangling and improving softness of heavily dyed hair with matching Redken hair conditioner.

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