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Seche Clear Base Coat

Seche Nail Polish, Base Coat Nail Polish & Nail Strengthener

Because Seche base coat dries quickly, it's a breeze to apply these salon quality base coat formulas immediately before you brush on your favorite shade of Seche nail polish. Seche clear base coat, which can be worn by itself or as a base coat, dries clear and hard and provides a lasting finish. Seche nail strengthener formulas are specially formulated to help fill in ridges and disguise all types of nail imperfections, so your nails will look their absolute best. Purchase Seche base coat nail polish and Seche nail polish from beauty brands to take advantage of our FREE shipping offer on orders over $50.

Seche base coat products will not yellow and quickly adhere to your natural nail. Wear Seche clear base coat alone as a nail strengthener, or apply it beneath your Seche nail polish.

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Bestselling Seche base coat dries clear and hard and delivers a long-lasting finish, so your nails will look and feel their absolute best.

With Seche base coat, a professional nail product available at beauty brands, it's easy to fill in ridges and disguise nail imperfections before you apply polish. Seche clear base coat also delivers incomparable bonding ability, so your nail color will look great longer. The best nail strengthener formulas provide a strong anchor for your favorite nail polishes, and these Seche base coat products won't disappoint. Applying Seche base coat nail polish is a simple step toward achieving beautiful nails that last.

What's best, Seche base coat products also strengthen nails that are brittle, weak or thin. With Seche clear base coat, your nails will better resist splitting and chipping, too. Simply apply these nail strengthener formulas from Seche to your clean, bare nails before painting on your color. Seche base coat nail polish dries quickly and evenly, plus these salon quality nail strengthener products can be worn alone or as a base coat.
Products 1 - 2 of 2