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Free shipping on orders of $50 or more + free samples
Free shipping on orders of $50 or more + free samples

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Seche Top Coat & Base Coat

Nail Polish Colors, Professional Nail Polish & Nail Lacquer

Apply Seche nail polish after Seche base coat and before Seche top coat for a strong, durable finish that looks beautiful and lasts. Patented Seche top coat is the perfect final step, because its formula bonds with your nail polish colors to form a single, sturdy coating. Seche base coat not only can be worn underneath your nail polish and top coat, it can be worn alone to subtly strengthen your nails. Purchase Seche nail lacquer, top coat and base coat from beauty brands, where we offer FREE shipping on all orders over $50.

Choose Seche nail polish in reds, blues, neutrals, darks, corals or pinks. Apply Seche top coat as a perfect finishing touch to help your nails look beautiful.

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  • Base Coat Base Coat
    Base Coat Base Coat Applying Seche base coat to your clean, bare nails is a simple step toward achieving beautiful nails that last. Seche clear base coat and nail strengthener formulas help fill in those tiny gaps and ridges, so these nail strengthener products can dramatically increase the look and feel of your nails. Shop Now
  • Top Coat Top Coat
    Top Coat Top Coat Check out the latest Seche top coats. Seche top coats leave nails silky, stronger, and resistant to chipping and peeling! Shop Now
  • Treatments Treatments
    Treatments Treatments Check out the latest Seche nailcare treatments. Seche treatments are smart pre-base coats that remove all oil and residue for a strong polish foundation! Shop Now
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Salon quality Seche nail polish, top coat and base coat formulas dry quickly to leave your nails strong and resistant to peeling.

With Seche nail polish, Seche top coat and Seche base coat, it's easy to build beautiful, lasting nail color from the bottom up. Use Seche top coat to complete your manicure after applying Seche nail polish and base coat. Brush on Seche base coat first to your clean, bare nails to build a solid foundation for color. Seche nail lacquer, which can be applied in a single coat, comes next, followed by Seche top coat for superior durability.

We offer Seche nail polish in a wide assortment of must-have shades, including reds and blues, neutrals and darks and corals and pinks. Seche top coat utilizes a patented formula that penetrates through nail lacquer to the base coat, forming a single solid coating over the nail. Seche base coat dries quickly, adheres to the natural nail easily and also helps prevent yellowing. Choose nail lacquer and other professional nail products from Seche to keep your nails looking their absolute best.
Products 1 - 6 of 6