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CHI 44 Iron Guard
CHI 44 Iron Guard CHI 44 Iron Guard, Thermal Protection Hair Styling Products, Salon CHI Hair Care Products CHI Hairspray Products, CHI Thermal Protection Spray, Professional Flat Iron Spray & Thermal Hair Spray Professional CHI 44 Iron Guard is a thermal salon hair product that works from the inside out. This unique CHI styling product is ideal for use with all CHI irons and dryers and also is suitable for every hair type.
CHI 44 Iron Guard Hairspray & Salon Hair Care Products
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Item# 9443
CHI 44 Iron Guard

Thermal Hair Spray, CHI Hair Styling Product, Spritz Hair Spray & Salon Hair Product

Apply this CHI hairspray before you style your locks to protect them from the heat of styling tools. The thermal heat spray from beauty brands also strengthens and moisturizes hair from the root all the way to the tip.

This CHI hairspray protects hair without weighing it down. Spray this thermal hair spray into your mane for texture, too.

Protect those locks with CHI hairspray.

Use this CHI hairspray from beauty brands when you want to protect not just the outside of your hair, but the inside of it as well, without getting unwanted buildup. Since it's a thermal hair spray, it helps guard your hair against the heat from styling tools, such as your curling iron, hair straightener or blow dryer. This CHI hair styling product is ideal for any type of tresses, whether they're curly, wavy, or straight. The spritz hair spray allows you to direct the product exactly where it is needed.

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