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Hair Pieces & Clip in Hair Extensions

Fake Hair Pieces, Fake Hair Bun & Hair Accessories

Hair extensions for blondes, brunettes and sandy browns can be found at beauty brands, where we have fake hair pieces to blend with your natural color. Stylish hair pieces will have your girlfriends talking about your new look and have men turning to get a better look. Try out a fake hair bun for an instant bit of extra body, or go for a circle extension that works with any hairstyle. Clip in hair not only adds volume and length but it also makes it easier to style your hair the way you want it to look.

Hair extensions give you fun and fabulous options for wedding photos, graduation parties and first dates. Hair pieces give a fuller and more exciting look to even limp and fine hair.

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Hair extensions include hair accessories such as Ponywraps, a pony holder that adds fullness and drama.

Hair extensions from beauty brands enhance the volume, thickness and length of your natural hair, blending seamlessly so no one knows you are using a fake hair piece. We have quality hair pieces, crafted with a fiber as thick as human hair, that attach easily without clips, glue, tape or bond. A fake hair bun can be worn low or high or even on the side, ideal for shorter hair. With clip in hair, you can have the hairstyle you've always wanted, and it will stay in place all day long, from the morning errands to the nighttime dinner out.
Products 1 - 2 of 2