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Alterna Bamboo, Caviar & Volume Hair Conditioners

Intensive Moisturizing Hair Conditioner & Alterna Deep Hair Repair

Salon quality Alterna conditioner formulas at beauty brands contain naturally nourishing ingredients to make your hair healthier, stronger and more manageable. Professional Alterna Bamboo conditioner formulas include organic bamboo extract and are sodium chloride free and sulfate free. Alterna Caviar Volume Conditioner delivers UVA and UVB protection while the conditioner builds volume and replenishes your locks. Purchase Alterna intensive conditioner or other Alterna hair care products, and we'll include 3 FREE samples with your online order.

A smoothing Alterna conditioner, Alterna Bamboo Smooth Conditioner banishes frizz and tames split ends. For an Alterna Bamboo conditioner that preserves your vibrant color, check out Alterna Bamboo Color Care UV+ Conditioner.

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With Alterna conditioner, you're sure to have radiant, free-free hair.

Pair Alterna conditioner with Alterna shampoo during your daily cleansing routine to achieve radiant, strong and healthy hair. Innovative Alterna Bamboo conditioner formulas combine organic bamboo extract and other natural smoothing ingredients to banish frizz and tame split ends. Volume conditioner from the Alterna Bamboo line infuses fine hair follicles with weightless moisture and healthy volume. Alterna intensive conditioner products nurture frazzled hair, leaving your locks stronger, healthier and silky smooth.

Find Alterna conditioner alone and in sets that include shampoos and other Alterna hair products that will leave your hair healthy and vibrant. For a smoothing Alterna Bamboo conditioner that transforms unruly hair to leave locks strong, sleek, frizz-free and manageable, try Alterna Bamboo Smooth Conditioner. When a volume conditioner is a must, Alterna Caviar Volume Conditioner adds weightless moisture while protecting your hair and color from daily stresses. An intensive conditioner, our Alterna Bamboo Smooth Intensive Moisture Masque provides deeply penetrating moisture and also guards against color fade.
Products 1 - 10 of 10