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Salon Hairspray & Biolage Finishing Hairsprays

Anti Humidity Hairspray, Biolage Professional Hairspray & Texturizing Hairspray

Biolage hair spray helps keep hair from drying out thanks to inspiration from moisture-retaining blue agave nectar. This lightweight salon hair spray offers soft to firm holds and is quick-drying for easy styling. Use these Biolage professional products at the start of the day and adjust your 'do as you prepare for a night out on the town. An anti humidity hairspray, lightweight hairspray from Biolage offers a flexible finish for a natural look that is still under control.

Sprtiz on Biolage hair spray for a good hair day every time. Biolage professional salon hair spray offers soft to firm holds for all day styles that can be adjusted.

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Anti humidity Biolage hair spray, including texturizing spray and non aerosol hairspray gives hair structure without weighing it down.

Shape hair with Biolage hair spray that offers long-lasting hold day and night. The Biolage salon hair spray at beauty brands is fast-drying, lightweight hairspray that inspired by moisture-retaining blue agave nectar. These Biolage finishing sprays soft to firm holds so you can infuse body and control to create the 'dos you want. Anti humidity hairspray, these professional hair products are especially ideal for humid days at home or on tropical vacations.

With Biolage hair spray, you will finish strong with a hair styling product that is never sticky even as it holds your hair all day. Salon hair spray products that are paraben-free, the hair styling products in our Biolage collection creates a natural-looking finish, while adding body and volume. With these Biolage finishing sprays, you can create the perfect look every morning ,and adjust it as the day plays out. With our anti-humidity hairspray, you'll discover an infusion of body, control and shine that will keep all eyes on you.
Products 1 - 10 of 10