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Biolage Salon Shampoo & Color Treated Hair Shampoo

Moisturizing Biolage Shampoo, Biolage Volumizing Shampoo & Paraben Free Shampoo

With Biolage shampoo, you'll do more than cleanse your hair. Our professional shampoo features formulas that help moisturize, strengthen, cut color fade and fight frizz. These Biolage paraben free shampoo selections are often inspired by nature and use natural components to help promote luscious locks. Choose from color treated hair shampoo, volumizing shampoo and other salon hair products from Biolage.

Combine with Biolage hair conditioner for a daily combo that revives hair. These professional shampoo and conditioner selections use moisturizing ingredients to leave hair vibrant and shining. The Biolage shampoo choices also include formulas that targeted specific hair needs. Use color treated hair shampoo and conditioner to help maintain color longer inn between salon visits. And choose moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to pamper dry, brittle hair, leaving it bouncy and beautiful.

Find a Biolage shampoo that is not only color-safe, but color protecting. Advanced formulas in Biolage color-safe shampoo mean your color is not only safe, it will last longer and look brighter.

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Cleanse hair with Biolage shampoo, and reap the good-hair benefits of Biolage professional hair products.

Turn up the volume with Biolage shampoo, or help strengthen fragile hair with the Biolage moisturizing shampoo from beauty brands. Our Biolage professional shampoo collection features a variety of formulas that help you achieve the soft, shiny hair you deserve. All are Biolage paraben free shampoo formulas designed with natural components that help bring back that vibrant bounce to your hair. After using a Biolage color treated hair shampoo or volumizing shampoo, finish with one of our frizz-fighting Biolage conditioners and other Biolage hair products.

Biolage shampoo is gentle enough for daily cleansing. Our top rated Biolage shampoo is made of natural components like aloe, capuacu butter and apricot kernels to optimize moisture retention. Our Biolage paraben free shampoo also includes volumizing shampoos that will pump up your style by as much as 70%. And our color treated hair shampoo not only works to help protect the color of your locks; it helps moisturize your hair.

Biolage shampoo also includes formulas that target your specific hair needs. Choose Biolage professional shampoo that is color safe after you get highlights or a full color change. The Biolage paraben free shampoo cleanses hair while also helping maintain color for longer times in between salon visits for touchups. This color treated hair shampoo also hydrates chemically treated hair to leave it shiny and healthy-looking.

Also look for Biolage shampoo that will tackle your dry, brittle hair. Pair the Biolage professional shampoo with Biolage conditioner that moisturizes hair from the roots for best results. After using Biolage paraben free shampoo and conditioner, also try our Biolage styling aids, from hair gels to hairsprays, to shape hair into favorite styles and then lock it in place. With these moisturizing shampoo selections and our other Biolage professional hair products, create favorite looks with ease.
Products 1 - 19 of 19