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Salon Hair Conditioners & Kenra Shampoo

Kenra Thermal Styling Spray, Styling Mousse & Professional Hair Spray

With Kenra professional hair products from beauty brands, you'll create salon quality looks effortlessly right in your own home. Look for salon hair conditioners, shampoos and styling aids that restore hydration, amplify volume and tame frizzy curls. Our Kenra shampoos gently cleanse hair without stripping it of its natural and vital oils. Consider one of our Kenra Thermal Styling Spray products if you regularly heat style your hair using hot rollers, a curling iron, flat iron or blow dryer.

Volumizing Kenra hair products can provide up to 50% more volume for long-lasting body up to 24 hours. We have salon hair conditioners, shampoos, mousses, hairsprays and other hair care products created specifically for color treated hair, and these Kenra hair products boost hair's vibrancy and help prevent fading. Many of our Kenra shampoos, Kenra hair conditioners and hair styling products have zero sodium chloride, sulfates, and parabens. Try our Kenra Thermal Styling Spray if your hair suffers from mid-day limpness, and spritz on this innovative Kenra hairspray for a soft, brushable hold that shines.

Kenra hair products leave hair looking shiny and healthy, and our hair products refresh and revive your scalp. Kenra salon hair conditioners restore moisture without weighing hair down.

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With our Kenra hair products, you can tame frizziness, boost volume, protect color treated hair from fading and hold your hairstyle through even the toughest elements.

Achieve gorgeous results with Kenra hair products from beauty brands, and get smooth, shiny and soft to the touch hair full of life. Our salon hair conditioners, professional shampoos, leave on masks and other hair products are formulated from only the best ingredients. We have Kenra shampoos, conditioners, volumizing hair sprays, hair crèmes, finishing sprays and other professional hair care products for fine, medium and coarse hair. Use Kenra Thermal Styling Spray and other Kenra hair styling products on short, medium and long locks.

Kenra hair products feature silk proteins, softening blends of hydrolyzed wheat protein and other premium ingredients and innovative formulas. Look for salon hair conditioners, shampoos and styling products that moisturize hair and restore your hair's natural balance of hydration. For fine hair, consider Kenra shampoos created to add fullness and body, and our volumizing shampoos also boost shimmer. Try a Kenra Thermal Styling Spray to optimize your styling tools' performance while decreasing any heat damage they cause.

Many of our Kenra hair products from beauty brands are gentle enough to use daily, and these professional shampoos, conditioners and other hair products won't strip hair of its essential oils. Work in salon hair conditioners and you'll not only restore your hair's hydration, your scalp will feel refreshed and reinvigorated. We have Kenra shampoos. Kenra hair conditioners and other Kenra hair care products formulated specifically for color treated and chemically treated hair, and these products protect color from fading. Our Kenra Thermal Styling Spray products and other hair products apply effortlessly and evenly and dry in a flash.

For brittle hair, try Kenra hair products made to repair and strengthen hair, and these hair care products use silky smooth emollients to readily detangle hair. Look for salon hair conditioners, shampoos and styling aids that help tame frizziness and protect against humidity. Along with Kenra shampoos, browse our mousses, gels and crèmes that dab on easily and provide moveable control that you can restyle throughout the day. Spritz on Kenra Thermal Styling Spray to shape and hold styles from sleek slicked back ponytails to edgy fun spikes.
Products 1 - 24 of 77