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KMS Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

KMS Professional Hair Styling Products, Hair Spray & Styling Gel

Choose KMS hair products from the Add Volume line that crank up the volume on your fine, thin hair. Intense volumizing KMS shampoo and conditioner formulas provide enough volume enhancement so your styles will retain lift all day. Volume boosting hair styling products like KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray give your hair ample fullness and up to 70% more volume. A unique KMS gel, KMS Hair Play Gel Wax, provides the support, volume and control of a gel and offers the shine of a wax.

Our KMS hair products from the Curl Up line bring big-time bounce and curl retention while keeping your hair naturally healthy. Curl supporting KMS shampoo and conditioner can be used every day to improve elasticity and add shine to your curls. Try KMS curly hair styling products that provide a firm hold and superior curl definition. Purchase KMS gel or KMS shampoo and conditioner from beauty brands and receive FREE shipping on orders over $50.

Choose KMS hair products whether you desire long, luscious locks or fun short styles. Cleansing with KMS shampoo and conditioner is a great choice for men and women who love their hair to look the best.

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With KMS hair products, you can design long lasting wearable styles that transform easily for any occasion.

Innovative KMS hair products, available at beauty brands, come in formulas men and women will love to use during their daily cleansing and styling routines. Color vitalizing KMS shampoo and conditioner products protect the life of color treated hair and restore radiance to your locks. Popular KMS hair styling products like KMS Free Shape Quick Blow Dry guard your hair from heat styling while decreasing dry time up to 50%. Humidity resistant KMS gel provides long lasting control and shine with no flaking.

You'll also find KMS hair products formulated to hydrate and enhance your curly locks. KMS shampoo and conditioner from the KMS Curl Up line support your curls while improving the elasticity of your hair. KMS curly hair styling products like KMS Curl Up Bounce Back Spray create a firm hold while delivering exceptional curl retention. We have KMS gel, clay and wax styling products, too, that are ideal for achieving long-lasting curly styles.

You can use KMS hair products to amplify the volume of finer, thinner hair. Volumizing KMS shampoo and conditioner strengthen to give limp hair a lift for all day volume. For hair styling products that create intense fullness and buildable volume, check out our KMS Add Volume Volumizing Hair Spray. What's best about KMS gel formulas is that these salon hair products create control and boost volume with the best ingredients to leave your hair healthy.

Other KMS hair products cater to a wide range of specific hair care needs. KMS shampoo and conditioner from the KMS Silk Sheen line improve manageability and movement, while KMS Head Remedy Dandruff Shampoo controls itching and flaking associated with dandruff for a soothed, healthy scalp. If you seek hair styling products to create a matte finish, KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray will help you achieve that tousled, just-out-of-the-ocean texture. Our shampoo soluble KMS gel washes out quickly and completely so it won't build up over time.
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