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Root Touch-Up Hair Products & Root Color Treatments

GreyFree Hair Root Touch-Up, Root Cover Up Products & Salon Hair Color Treatments

Give root cover up hair treatments a try and discover how much better your hair can look. Use root touch up and other hair care products for grey hair, and never advertise your grey again just because you went too long between salon visits. Apply hair color treatments as soon as the grey starts to grow out and no one will be the wiser. GreyFree Color Touch Up, Color Wow Hair Root Cover Up and other hair care products for grey hair are designed to be quick and easy to use.

Root cover up hair treatments come in a variety of colors and shades so that you can blend it right in with the rest of your hair. These high-grade root touch up products use a variety of pigments and reflective particles to better mimic the natural coloring of hair. Shampoo hair color treatments wash through the hair, blending color, and this shampoo won't leave tell-tale white powder residue. GreyFree Color Touch Up works on all the types of hair on the head so you can always look as young as you feel.

Root cover up hair treatments give you control over your grey hair. Root touch up helps you maintain hair color in between salon visits.

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Root cover up hair treatments mean only your hair stylist knows the truth.

When grey sneaks in, root cover up hair treatments available at beauty brands are the answer to keep looking as young as you feel. Root touch up keeps that tell-tale grey hidden when your latest coloring starts to grow out. Hair color treatments also include shampoos, specifically formulated to blend in with your natural hair color. GreyFree Color Touch Up even gives you the option of coloring eyelashes, eyebrows, mustaches, beards, sideburns and hairlines to get rid of unwanted grey.

Root cover up hair treatments are effective, using a unique powder that is water resistant so you can swim, sweat and sleep with the color staying in place. Root touch up adheres to your hair without being sticky and washes out easily with shampoo. These subtle hair color treatments have a variety of pigments in each shade so they look more like natural hair coloring. GreyFree Color Touch Up is available in nine natural shades so you can blend it to match your coloring.

Long-lasting root cover up hair treatments disguise new growth so you don't have to go rushing off to the salon quite so often. This root touch up blends right in at the hairline or in your part without looking dull or dry. Shampoo hair color treatments refresh and revitalize your hair, adding volume that also helps cover up the grey roots. Precision GreyFree Color Touch Up lets you put a little dab of color exactly where you want it, and it stays there until you wash with shampoo.

Root cover up hair treatments are your little secret, whether you've just started to get a few strands of grey or you're coloring all of your hair. Root touch up effectively hides those tell-tale signs of the years sliding by because you're only as old as you feel so why advertise your extra years. Hair color treatments help you look your best all the time, even when you haven't been to the salon in a while. GreyFree Color Touch Up masks that unwanted grey with a simple swipe of the brush, wiping away the years.
Products 1 - 9 of 9