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Light Hold MIZANI Hairspray

Light Hold Non Aerosol Hair Spray & Hair Shine Spray

Choose a light hold hairspray from beauty brands when you're looking for a professional hair product that delivers solid control without build-up. Our MIZANI hairspray line includes MIZANI salon hair shine sprays that provide a high gloss finish and protect against humidity. For curly hair, a non aerosol hairspray that's lightweight and oil-free might be the salon hair product you're looking for. You'll find a hair spray for color treated hair as well as hair sprays for fine, medium and coarse hair.

Use light hold hairspray and enjoy a soft hold that still lets you comb, brush or finger-style your hair. Try a MIZANI hairspray like our Shyne Bodifying Sheen Spray if you have relaxed, color treated hair.

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Our light hold hairspray choices include weightless salon hair sprays that intensify shine without creating build-up.

Light hold hairspray from beauty brands delivers terrific hold while leaving your hair shiny and manageable throughout the day. Look for a MIZANI hairspray that creates body and bounce and still provides the control you want. Choose a non aerosol hairspray that shields hair while repelling humidity for smooth locks that stay in place. Find a hair spray for fine, medium and coarse hair, and discover our professional hair sprays for color treated hair as well.

A light hold hairspray permits a soft finish and still lets you comb, brush, or finger-style your hair easily. Use a MIZANI hairspray like our MIZANI Gloss Veil Shine Spray when you want a high gloss shine and are looking to control frizz. A MIZANI non aerosol hairspray can also intensify curls with a lightweight, oil-free formula that doesn't leave hair feeling greasy. With a salon hair spray, you'll get great control that doesn't weigh hair down, and our salon hair products won't create flakes or build-up.
Products 1 - 22 of 22