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Try a flexible hold hairspray from beauty brands for light control that's manageable and soft to the touch. Choose a firm hold hairspray and create bold looks that transform your hair into a work of art. Our medium hold hairspray products provide great support, volume and bounce without weighing hair down. Find light hold hairspray products and other fine professional hair sprays specifically formulated for fine, medium and thick hair for both men and women, and discover our salon hair products for color treated hair.

Search our flexible hold hairspray products for a light hold hairspray that's ideal for fine, medium and thick hair. Choose firm hold hairspray and create a dazzling look that's sure to get noticed.

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Spritz on a flexible hold hairspray and you can restyle your look throughout the day, or use an extra firm hold hairspray to lock your look in place for 24 hours.

A flexible hold hairspray from beauty brands is an essential salon hair product for men and women who want to protect, nourish and hold their styles. Invest in a firm hold hairspray along with extra firm hold hair products and you won't have to worry about touch ups throughout the day. A medium hold hairspray delivers strong hold while maintaining bounce and shine, and our light, firm and medium hold hairsprays include aerosol and non aerosol professional hairsprays. With a light hold hairspray, you can still comb, brush and finger-style your hair and change your style from a day to an evening look quickly and easily.

You'll find flexible hold hairspray products for all hair types, from very fine hair to coarse hair, and several of our professional hair sprays are formulated specifically for color treated hair. Layer a firm hold hairspray for extra support when you're planning a long evening out. Choose a medium hold hairspray or other salon hair spray with a conditioner and you'll ensure that your hair stays moisturized. Look for a light hold hairspray, medium hold hairspray or firm or extra firm hold hairspray that guards against sun damage if you lead an active lifestyle that keeps you outdoors and in the sun.
Products 1 - 24 of 35