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Matrix Total Results Shampoo & Hair Conditioner

Color Care Shampoo, Moisturizing Hair Conditioner & Matrix Hair Products

Wash with professional Total Results hair products, available at beauty brands, to transform dull, dry hair. Lather up with Total Results shampoo to tame frizz or volumize limp strands. Include moisturizing hair conditioner to add key nutrients to hair as part of your daily beauty routine. Also use color care shampoo when you shower to keep shades bold and bright.

Keep Total Results hair products in your shower to keep hair silky. Combine Total Results shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to get softer, smoother hair.

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Rely on Total Results hair products to strengthen and nourish hair.

Choose from various Total Results hair products, available at beauty brands, to cleanse your hair type. Shower with Total Results shampoo including clarifying shampoo to renew body and shine. Then use Matrix salon hair conditioner to add instant softness to strands or anti frizz conditioner to tame unruly hair. Also try color care shampoo and Total Results salon hairspray to style your hair.

Get Total Results hair products when you need extra nourishment for hair. A daily lather of Matrix salon shampoo gives you a healthy dose of essential nutrients for stronger, fuller hair. Grab moisturizing hair conditioner for extra hydration and more manageability. Also try color care shampoo to enhance and nurture hair without compromising your color between salon visits.
Products 1 - 24 of 45