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Kenra Color Charge Shampoo
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Item# 17237
Kenra Color Charge Shampoo

Professional Color Care Shampoo, Salon Shampoo & Kenra Hair Products

Enhance color with this Kenra shampoo that is the start of gorgeous hair. Pair Kenra Color Charge Shampoo with Kenra conditioner for a dynamic duo that helps fight fade and protects against environmental stressors. After using color treated hair shampoo and hair conditioner, choose from our Kenra hair products to create the looks you love. Select Kenra liter size shampoo for the whole family, and find smaller sizes of this shampoo for colored hair for your gym or travel bags.

Kenra shampoo nourishes hair and fights fade for gorgeous results. Kenra Color Charge Shampoo is the best shampoo for color treated hair.

Try this Kenra color treated hair shampoo to help fight color fade and hair breakage.

Kenra shampoo cuts color fade and leaves hair nourished and shiny. Kenra Color Charge Shampoo also strengthens hair and prevents breakage for gorgeous results. Have the shampoo for color treated hair ready for use at home, and also pop the shampoo for colored hair into your gym bag for showers after workout. Liter size Kenra shampoo and Kenra hair conditioner are perfect for at home, while smaller sizes are ideal for travel to the gym or around the world.

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